Since large trucks transport more than 70% of consumer goods in the U.S., the trucking industry is expanding quickly. Trucking has one of the highest fatality rates in the U.S., despite the fact that it can be a lucrative industry and a reliable source of income for drivers. Since 2009, the number of fatal truck accidents has increased by 52%.

The majority of people killed in truck accidents are not the truck drivers themselves, but rather the passengers of other vehicles. Large trucks are involved in 74% of any and all fatal injury collisions. Despite popular belief, major streets rather than highways or interstates are the sites of the majority of truck accidents.

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Common Causes of Large Truck Accidents

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) carried out a significant investigation into truck safety. Large trucks can’t manoeuvre as quickly as cars and have much worse visibility if you’re driving alongside them on a road. You are therefore required to exercise greater caution as a driver of a passenger vehicle whenever you pass big trucks.

Critical events are the conditions that rendered an accident inevitable. The FMSCA identified three significant critical events that resulted in vehicle collisions.

  1. In 32percent of the cases examined, the big truck crossed over into the path of a different car.
  2. Accidents happened 29% of the time due to loss of control brought on by driving too fast for the road conditions, mechanical trouble, shifting cargo, or bad road conditions.
  3. 22% of accidents involved rear-end accidents with another car travelling in the truck’s lane.

The immediate cause or instant failure that resulted in an accident is referred to as one of the key reason for large truck accidents. The study outlined four categories of important driver-related factors for the accident:

  1. The first category, “non-performance,” describes behaviours where the driver had been physically unable to react appropriately. This category also includes falling asleep while driving or becoming physically incapable due to an illness, such as a seizure or heart attack. 12% of truck accidents were the result of these behaviours.
  2. The second category, “recognition,” is used to describe collisions brought on by the driver’s inattention or distraction. 28% of accidents were caused by these behaviours.
  3. The third category, “Decision,” is responsible for the greatest proportion of accidents (38%). This makes reference to the driver making a negligent decision or the incorrect choice that caused the collision. This includes driving too fast for the road conditions, speeding, and following too closely.
  4. “Performance” refers to a motorist who is frightened or unable to exercise effective directional control as the final category. At 9%, this category accounts for the least number of accidents.

The report discovered that, in additament to these causes, there were hundreds of additional variables that affected both the likelihood of a collision and the severity of the accident. It is significant to note that not all large truck accidents are the fault of the semi-truck driver, and that the associated factors include both the motorist of the large truck and the the vehicle’s driver.

The main contributing elements are:

  • driver drowsiness
  • Braking issues
  • Poor concentration, poor focus, or distraction
  • Use of drugs, alcohol, and prescription drugs
  • Driving too fast or too fast for the circumstances
  • congested roads
  • A prior collision (“rubbernecking”)
  • being unaccustomed to the road
  • problems with the roads
  • failing to yield when necessary
  • illegal vehicle handling or manoeuvring

After a collision, how can a Truck Accident Attorney Assist Me?

After being hurt in an accident involving a big truck, you might be beginning to wonder if you have a case. Yes, in a lot of instances. However, you will need a knowledgeable truck accident lawyer to take charge on your case and assist you in creating a winning legal plan to obtain compensation for each of your losses, harms, and injuries.

The most crucial thing a lawyer for truck accidents can do for you is to assist you in establishing responsibility in your case. Due to the size, weight, and inability of a truck driver to manoeuvre the rig quickly to safety, everyone nearby is at a high risk of injury if a truck driver loses power of their vehicle. Multiple liable parties, such as the truck driver and the truck driver’s employer, may be present in large truck accidents.

The CEO Attorney, Ali Awad, provides free consultations on cases involving trucks. Besides calling his desk and outlining the specifics of your case, you have absolutely nothing to lose. After you have been hurt in a truck accident, this can help you decide your upcoming steps and plan of action.

Proving Truck Driver Negligence

Based on the details of your case you provide during ones consultation, your attorney’s primary responsibility will be identifying the parties responsible for your accident but also vigorously trying to pursue a settlement the with insurance company.

Establishing negligence is crucial to determining fault. Thier attorney will assemble evidence to demonstrate the following in order to demonstrate the truck driver’s negligence:

  1. The large truck’s driver owed other motorists a duty of care. To avoid accidents, truck drivers should take reasonable precautions.
  2. Your accident happened as a result of the driver’s breach or failure to uphold the established duty of care.
  3. Lastly, your lawyer needs to establish a connection between the incident and your injuries. They must demonstrate that the unfortunate accident by the truck driver’s negligence directly resulted in your losses, damages, and injuries.

Your attorney will determine mistake in ones truck accident case by demonstrating negligence. The driver might not, however, be entirely or solely to blame again for collision. Your truck accident attorney may in some cases sue the trucking company as well.

Responsibility of the Trucking Company for Your Accident

Determining who was at fault in ones truck accident may be difficult in some circumstances and states. You need a knowledgeable truck accident lawyer on your side in these circumstances. Shared responsibility in an accident may not be something the average person is aware of. If you don’t and you don’t hold the transport company accountable in additament to the driver, you might lose out on a sizable settlement that will assist you in covering unpaid damages and medical expenses.

As mentioned above, the trucking industry is growing rapidly. Due to the pandemic, companies are having a hard time finding and keeping good drivers. This can lead to poor hiring and training protocols that lead to severe accidents. 

If it is ascertained that the trucking company was negligent in hiring and training, an useful accident attorney can assist you in building a case against them. You can establish partial or full corporate liability by demonstrating some of the following:

  • An employee was not properly trained by the company, and they let them drive a big truck without the necessary training or experience. The business neglected to maintain its machinery, which resulted in mechanical breakdowns. A background check that would have revealed a driver’s prior traffic history, including infractions and convictions for DUI or reckless driving was not obtained.

Trucking companies are facing a lot of pressure to find and keep drivers for jobs that require them to spend a lot of time separated from their families on the road. Burnout may result in turnover as a result of this. But no staffing shortfall is worth the lives of truckers or motorists of passenger cars being in danger.

What Kind of Payment Should I Expect?

You can predict that your personal injury attorney will request a settlement that includes money to cover all medical expenses, both current and future, following a collision involving a big rig. A large truck accident may result in serious injuries, some of which may have a long-term impact on your life.

  • Medical costs you currently have and will incur in the future because of the injury you got in the accident. This covers the cost of your trip to the emergency room, your surgery, your assistive technology, your recovery, and your ongoing care.
  • lost earnings and diminished earning potential. You might experience a protracted period of unemployment. You are eligible for both the lost wages and any future salaries you will lose as a result of your injury.
  • You are entitled to compensation for mental anguish and pain, such as post-accident depression, anxiety, or PTSD, if you were injured in a car accident. Pain is not always physical; you should receive compensation for the burdens you bear as a result of this accident. Damages that are not financially measurable – such as psychological distress – are also covered by law.

Locating a Law Office for Truck Accidents

You can hire a personal injury lawyer to represent you if you have a claim against a truck driver or trucking company. Multiple parties may be at fault in large truck accidents, and the trucking firm will retain counsel to defend its rights. You must keep in mind that a business will prioritise protecting its bottom line, and you must adopt the same mindset.